Outcomes of OpenMP Hackathon: OpenMP Application Experiences with the Offloading Model


This paper reports on experiences gained and practices adopted when using the latest features of OpenMP to port a variety of HPC applications and mini-apps based on different computational motifs (BerkeleyGW, WDMApp/XGC, GAMESS, GESTS, and GridMini) to accelerator-based, leadership-class, high-performance supercomputer systems at the Department of Energy. As recent enhancements to OpenMP become available in implementations, there is a need to share the results of experimentation with them in order to better understand their behavior in practice, to identify pitfalls, and to learn how they can be effectively deployed in scientific codes. Additionally, we identify best practices from these experiences that we can share with the rest of the OpenMP community.

International Workshop on OpenMP (IWOMP)